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Marcio S Galli

  • Graphics designer offering logo design services
  • 20+ years of designing logos a variety of business
  • Designed logos for labs at universities, partners, clients, and more
  • Winner of logo competitions
  • Helping companies, product managers, entrepreneurs, investors
  • From Ribeirão Preto SP Brazil
  • My role with logo design

    I am Marcio S Galli, a graphics designer who has a passion for working with clients in logo design. With that, to help companies and institutions develop their brands. My goal is to inspire entrepreneurs and organizations to connect with their audiences. The following list represents a portfolio with some of the logos I have designed since 1990.

    Portfolio of logo creations developed for partners and clients

    Vanessa Erika Psychologist - Vanessa has chosen a tulip to inspire her logo, along with the color lilac. Her logo is a mix between a tulip, a heart, and the V of Vanessa.

    Vanessa Logo

    Vanessa Logo

    Labic is a logo proposal sent to a research group that focuses in artificial intelligence research field. The up side down question mark provokes our mind to question how we see questions.

    Labic Logo

    Labic Logo

    Taboca Labs Beer Brewing Course - The Taboca character is an apprentice and a warrior. He represents the professor-student and is on a quest to make beer. He wears a headdress made of hops.

    Meplex Communications - Meplex mission is to become an automated digital assistant that helps professionals communicate better with their audiences - using their site and social communications channels. The logo shows the M of me and the M of multiple. Meplex logo indicates professional multiplication because everyone can have multiple channels, wear multiple hats, and develop various abilities and roles. It's all in one, and simultaneously, one wears various hats.

    Andressa Karen Architect - Andressa Karen is an architect professional living in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil. Her logo consists of two blocks using her initials. The central block, the triangle, represents her name's first initial, the A letter. Her other initial, the letter K, appears inside the A. The triangle also means home, and the K divides the house into spaces. The logo projects the idea of the functional and simple - which is a crucial driver for Andressa.

    Vanessa Oliveria Psychologist - Vanessa Erika is a psychologist professional living in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil. Her logo shows a butterfly and the V of Vanessa. Therefore, Vanessa is supporting her patients to fly. There is a hidden intention to deliver the psi greek letter, although that is not evident in the blank spaces.

    SlideQuest - Slidequest was a startup experiment that proposed a presentation authoring and collaboration platform. The S of Slidequest blends with a clapperboard used by directors to record their scenes. The service had a connection with video and animation generation.

    LPeU, Língua Portuguesa em Uso, is a website that helps students to learn the Brazilian-Portuguese language. The logo represents the "p" key of a computer keyboard, enabling a student to learn Portuguese. At the same time, the typed characters ":p" (eyes and a tongue) add color with an element of fun - because you gotta have fun to learn a language.

    Ding Dog is a concept logo for a hot dog store. Although the Dong becomes Dog, its words have an expected musicality. So it's fun. The logo graphic shows a musical note of two letters, d, one for the ding, and Dog. The companion text highlights the store's intention to offer classic hot dogs and other variations of hotdogs.

    TelaSocial is the logo of a consulting service and technology stack created by Marcio Galli in 2009. The name means social screen. The service supported the communication departments of organizations with a technology solving indoor communication needs using high definition TV appliances.

    The pink bubbly pig was a logo designed for an internal experimental project. The goal was to develop a logo that was a mascot for an online service.

    Visinote Logo - The Visinote logo was created for a video recording inhouse project that helped colleagues to screencast their desktop and exchange better communication. The logo brings the idea of the infinite, an eye, and a play, the idea of moving forward.

    The origins of my involvement with logo design

    Convex was an internet provider, and I have offered this logo to the partner. The logo shows two letters C intertwined inside a frame. This logo was designed using 3D Studio before it was a product of Autodesk.

    JBE society - JBE represented an entity of a group of students. JBE stands for Jump if Bellow or Equal, an assembler command. The elephant made of colorful pieces is a bit mad and is strong. In the background, many computer errors are displayed in a green-based panel that resembles older green monitor.

    Taboca Artwork - This is one of the original "Taboca" logos that I had created when I was producing websites before 2000 in the early days of the Web. The Japanese characters in the background stand for ta-bo-kah.

    The Taboca Labs Logo - Taboca Labs is the company name I have been using since around 2000. The logo shows a human face, smiling. Taboca is a warrior and creative being, always curious to learn.

    The Intermídia Labs Logo - I have created one of the original logos for the Intermídia Lab for the Laboratório Intermídia at University of São Paulo, São Carlos, Brasil. The original logo brought the idea of an eye made of a disk to represent information.

    Get in touch

    There is a room for you in this site. Please get in contact with me at mgalli at mgalli dot com if you want to create an early logo for your startup or project. Of course, logos can change. When products are being created, logos can help with the mission visualization or values.

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